Yes, it certainly was a contrasting two-flavour experience when the senior Doncaster Sharks took on the South Croydon Bulldogs at Cheong Park last Saturday.  With fond memories of our last culinary footy experience at Cheongs in 2018, we looked forward to again savouring our mains of choice – “Shark Supreme” – which had proved such great value for 4 premiership points on our last visit to Cheongs.

But this time round, our expectations had to be “kempered” (sorry, tempered) as the menu had considerably changed and we now had plenty of fresh new palates on board.  However, undaunted we elected to start our seniors meal with a new mains offering, “Beef of Bulldog”.  This turned out to be an inspired choice as the Donnie boys devoured the generous servings of tender Bulldog medallions, done to near-perfection in a sweet plum sauce, over that first hour of our Cheongs’ interlude.

Yes, the hunger was there in spades, the fare was wholesome and ripe for the taking, and our blue-and-white hoops led by chief connoisseur, Captain ‘Chandler’ took-it-all-in in a scrumptious exhibition of fine footy dining!  By the time of the great gastronomic footy pause we had already feasted well and were feeling good with an appetite well-wetted from quaffing the ‘Perrier’ water from those lovely distinctive green bottles!

So with heightened taste buds we were ready for more delights in the second hour of footy dining.  But, alas, our Cheongs’ experience suddenly took a turn for the worse.  The central burners in Cheongs’ kitchen quickly flared and the intense heat in the kitchen began to engulf us.  Hastily we called for table assistance but it was even difficult getting hold of the menu and keeping it long enough to use it.  We were increasingly swamped by the locals who were hungry for a bigger slice of Cheongs’ offerings and fast to demand first servings.  They took full control of the moment and, in desperation to satisfy our continued hunger, we reluctantly had to settle on the “Fried Flake Fingers” in a hot ginger and pineapple broth!  Well this was disappointing to say the least – the morsels were small, the taste was bitter and as hard as we tried our second-half footy dining experience was difficult to swallow.  And to add salt to the injury, our meal-turned-sour was over-priced, costing us a very expensive 4 premiership points plus some % to boot!

Oh dear, our Cheongs’ food experience this year had gone terribly awry, and indeed after such a promising beginning!  So would we go back to Cheongs’ again?  Well, maybe next year but we’d stick to the beef, unless of course the “Shark Supreme” returned to the menu!

In the meantime our own Master Chefs, Gooey and Stewie have been commissioned to more than return the flavour when the Bulldogs next come bounding round (17) to Shark Park to enjoy our own Shark culinary delights, a-la-Schramms style!  And wouldn’t it be nice to charge them a small fortune for the mains!  Now then, psst, where did we put that special sedative sauce for the “Bulldog Burger”?  It worked a treat last year, but where is “Rambo” now ??

Entrée (Ressies):  Donc 1-1 def by Sth Croydon 19-16 … by 123 pts
Best Connoisseurs:  Moritz, Tiernan-Perversi, Ioan, Delany, Sheales, Jarvis
Most hungry:  Hutton

Mains (Seniors):  Donc 8-7 def by Sth Croydon 15-15 … by 50 pts
Best Connoisseurs:  Caruso, Fogarty, Molloy, Viccars, Alessi, Harris
Most hungry:  Annakis (2), Viccars (2), Barassi, Alessi, Fogarty, Colaneri.

And now for the Social Menu:  Rest up  big on the coming long week-end break from EFL footy for there are many exciting Club functions ahead of us :
–     First Coterie Luncheon … Noon, Sat June 15 … with Wallaby Great, PETER GREIG … contact Luke “Dogga” Curtis on 0404 873 940
–     2019 Ladies Luncheon … Noon, Sat June 22 … with a Silent Auction and girlie action … contact Anna Annakis on 0412 545 885.
–     Sunday Special Raffle … July 7 … with Players … more info to come.
–     Sportsman’s Luncheon …Noon, Fri July 12 … with AFL Identity, CAMPBELL BROWN … contact Andrew “Laddie” Hallett on 0460 290 725.


GO SHARKERS !!  –  See ya at Schramms after the break.  And let’s get rid of this cellar-dweller stuff!!

Written By:  W. Entendre