Hi Doncaster Players, Members and Family,

It’s been an exciting few months as my team and I at Your Athlete Hub have taken on the role of Strength & Conditioning Provider of the Doncaster Sharks. The boyss have taken well to the conditioning, speed and strength work. As a supporter, it’s an exciting time with the boys in a strong position to hit ground running come round 1. Our focus has been around ensuring health first and foremost, as well as improving overall physical performance. 

It’s our belief that an athlete’s biggest commodity is availability. If injury, soreness and pain has impacted an athlete’s season in the past, now is the time to do something about it. Your fitness and health can be the difference in having a good year, to having an extraordinary year. In football, we are all too familiar with the impact that injuries can have on our sport. From consistent hamstring tears to a season end ACL rupture. Ensuring health is our facilities philosophy and number one priority this season at Doncaster Football Club. The players that do the work and are going to reap the rewards with less injuries. 

At Your Athlete Hub, we operate our performance facility in Ringwood North Through. Our services include our  Athlete Training Program (ATP)  and  Return to Play Program (RTP). Our Athlete Training Program (ATP) is designed to help youth, high level local athletes and professional athletes build strength, power and resilience in their bodies. We’ve recently launched our Return to Play Program (RTP) which is designed to guide athlete’s through their injury rehab. We work closely with athletes and physiotherapists to ensure that they can return to playing with confidence.
Both of our Program’s have a strong point of difference, being; high quality individualised programming, delivered in a semi private athlete training environment. This is so each athlete is exposed to the highest quality of training which yields the biggest results. Through our program’s design, we see huge improvements in the space of a few months, if not weeks. In under 12 months, we have seen 60+ athletes across varying sports (Cricket, Football, Soccer, Netball) make huge athletic improvements. We often see athlete’s jump 15cm higher, wipe a close to a second off their 20m sprint, build serious strength that makes them resilient to injury. 

If you’re looking to have the best season to date, now is the time to start!  We are offering all Doncaster members and family a 10% discount on our Athlete Initiation if you’re to book in during the month of February. For more information about our program please enquire via the link below:

Your Athlete Hub | I Am Interested | PushPress

Please reach out to me if you have any questions! 

Jayden Clay
Owner of Your Athlete Hub