Dear Members,

One of our sponsors is Bendigo Bank – Doncaster East & Templestowe Village Community Bank Branches.

These Bendigo Bank branches are Community Banks, and up to 80% of the profits go directly back to the local community, by way of sponsorships and grants.  Over the past 14 years, the two branches have given back almost $3M to sporting clubs and non-profit organisations in the Manningham community.  Community Banks Australia wide have given back $165M to local communities!

However, there are only so many sponsorship dollars to go around, and the Bank needs our members to support them so they can continue to support us.  The more people that bank with Doncaster East or Templestowe Village branches, the more money they will have to give back.

Should your children not have a bank account; you’re not happy with any of your current accounts or loans; your insurance policy is due and you’d like a comparison; you’ve just started work and don’t have a Superannuation account; or any other banking reason – please consider Bendigo Bank!

Our Club will also receive an incentive payment for any new accounts opened as per the attached flyer, so long as you mention that you’re with Doncaster Football Club.

Please note that accounts must be held with either Doncaster East branch or Templestowe Village branch for our Club to get any benefit.  If our members do not make the effort to support the Bank, the Bank will not support us.

If you already have accounts with Bendigo Bank, thank you!  The Bank may, however, not know that you’re a Doncaster Football Club member.  We would therefore appreciate you emailing Lisa Jones at Doncaster East branch directly to advise if you have accounts, at .  Confidentiality is assured and will assist our Club with our sponsorship.”

Should you want to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact me.


Laddie – Sponsorship